• 2010

    Founded by Jessica Mann

    Vision To enhance teens’ understanding of the world in which we live, through various means of hands on learning and engagement; by allowing teens to gain a more holistic perception of themselves, while taking with them the knowledge and experience gathered as an urban gardener and young Traveler into their future endeavors.

Meet the Team

Our team is dedicated to empowering youth through unique and mind expanding cultural experiences through travel.

Education through Travel

Sustainability through Gardening

Greening through Building

EYTT Chicago thrives to Education through Travel. Exposing young minds to vast cultures is a priceless educational experience that deeply impacts their lives and prepares them for global citizenship.

Sustainability through Gardening: Developing the skills to grow and harvest food develops sustainability and promotes healthy eating habits.

Greening through Building: The rebirth of our communities through building clean and useful spaces promotes pride in our communities.



Jun 2
Jun 2


Welcome to EYTT Chicago. Empowering youth through travel.

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